Carnival of the Green #114

Carnival of the Green

Hello and Welcome to Mad Eejits, your hosts for the 114th Carnival of the Green. Last week’s carnival was hosted by the Tao of Change and next week’s will be available on the Greener Side.

Life Goggles start us off with a most topical submission on How To Have An Eco Friendly Valentine‚Äôs Day. They’ve also included some product reviews, including The Green Book, a Moon Jar and some Natural Shaving Soap.

Continuing in the reviews theme, Jean-Paul Davidson, at Green Deals Daily, submitted a video review of the AeroGarden that lets you grow veggies and herbs where you eat them. Food doesn’t get much more local than that.

Mel Rimmer of Bean Sprouts has taken a look at some new websites getting the green message through to the iPod generation, and encourages everyone, even “crusty oldsters”, to pay them a visit.

Emmett Duffy (The Natural Patriot) has posted a thought provoking article, asking Are nations obsolete?. Given that in years to come, we may all face the common foe of climate change, which does not distinguish between countries nor pay attention to borders drawn on maps, is it time to change how we look at ourselves and our nations?

Over on EcoStreet, Tracy has started a series on “Green Parenting”, with part one covering Pregnancy and New Baby, and she notes:

“Becoming a parent is often the catalyst for becoming greener. Suddenly being aware that our children are going to be inhabiting a planet that we’ve helped to ruin could even turn our lives right around.”

That certainly played a big part in our own decision to be more eco-friendly.

From favouring digital music downloads to recycling electronic goods, David at The Good Human has provided a simple guide to Greening Your Consumption Habits.

Poor Beth, at Fake Plastic Fish, sounds like she’s been having a trying time with ants, cats and home-made hairspray but its helped her to recognize reality as it is and to work to create positive change in the world, without struggle.

Dave Pollard, in his How to Save the World blog, wonders what the future of world would be if humans manage to wipe themselves out and how the planet might recover without us.

Deirdre Helfferich, at the Ester Republic, likens some acts of real-life ecopiracy, to the character Philo DuFresne in the book “Gas, Sewer & Electric” by Matt Ruff and comments:

“My suspicion is that as the situation in the environment grows more dire, we’re going to see many more acts of ecopiracy, and many many more peaceable protests labeled ‘eco-terrorism’ because the activism goes against somebody’s corporate bottom line.”

On the Savvy Vegetarian, Judith Kingsbury blogs on a Common Dreams article about biofuels from food crops (not the way to go), plus the even more interesting posted comments, such as the one on hemp.

And last, but by no means least, Sally at Veggie Revolution looks at how China’s change in diet, as their growing population becomes more industrialized, will have major consequences for world water consumption.

That’s all for this week folks. If you’d like to participate in or host a future Carnival of the Green yourself, Treehugger has all the details. If you’re still looking for something more to read, why not find out a little about us (the Mad Eejits) and what we’ve changed over the last year to try to be “greener”.

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